"Kathleen transformed the @tamudental Instagram page into a platform that recognized its own students and staff, as well as interacted with class organizations by sharing stories of their events and commenting on their posts. She did an amazing job with making the platform more interactive and fun for everyone—makes you stop scrolling and start reading!

"Kathleen is excellent at what she does. I had the pleasure of working with her while I was in dental school. Her articles and projects are very interactive and showcase people and events who deserve recognition. She definitely lived the experience of what events she was writing about. For example, I met her in a school-sponsored line-dancing class that she wrote about on the school website. She is a wonderful writer and editor and very professional!"

— Jean Cala, DDS, Dental Group of Lubbock, TAMCOD ’22

"Kathleen made such an impact on how our dental school social media was run! When I first was interested in applying to the school, I didn’t even know they had an Instagram account. Once she took over, the content that she posted and her attention to detail made me look forward to each post. She did an amazing job not only at showcasing the most important events going on at the school, but also capturing the essence of our day-to-day lives.

"For our generation, social media can have such an impact on how people view an organization, and I can’t speak highly enough about how Kathleen was able to highlight the best aspects about our school to future applicants while also entertaining the current student and alumni audience."

— Courtney Favaloro, DDS, Pediatric Dentistry Resident, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, TAMCOD ’22

"Increased student engagement on our social media channels is a direct outcome of Kathleen's work. At the same time, she produced and posted excellent content as editor of our college news website. Her writing skills, strategy, planning, creative bent and organization were such an asset. Kathleen is a talented and versatile communications professional."

— Carolyn Cox, Publications Manager, Texas A&M College of Dentistry

"Kathleen is a pro. We worked together for many years on a variety of stories for The Dallas Morning News and she always delivered engaging, accurate stories on time. Kathleen is able to cover a variety of topics from interesting profiles, to health stories, to subjects of concern to seniors to lifestyle articles. She is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her."

— Laura Schwed, Las Vegas Review Journal

"Kathleen is simply a terrific writer and editor. We've used her for projects ranging from short news releases to complete book manuscripts and her work is always perfect and delivered ahead of schedule. I recommend her very highly to anyone needing professional writing or editing."

Scott White, BizCom Associates

"I have worked closely with Kathleen on numerous book projects for the past 10 years or so. She is fast, efficient and great at what she does. She is very thorough and detail-oriented. The service she provides is invaluable but often underestimated. I refer every author I work with to her and will continue to do so!"

Melissa Farr, Back Porch Creative

"Kathleen's professionalism, attention to detail and sincere care for her clients is hands down a breath of fresh air. She bends over backwards to meet tight deadlines while never jeopardizing the quality of her work. I would highly recommend partnering with Kathleen if you want the best and someone who is a gem to work with."

Stacey Hanke, Stacey Hanke, Inc.

"Kathleen has been absolutely reliable for me for over 14 years! She has expertly proofed and copy edited 10 of my books. When a product has your name on it, you want it to convey excellence. That is why I rely on Kathleen!"

— Lee Colan, The L Group